Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Turkey Break

So due to a wonderful change of plans, I am coming back home to Mesa for Thanksgiving break with Lauren and Erik's family! I am so very excited, to come home. That means I will get to see my family, and people that made Mesa home. I think I am really going to enjoy the more temperate weather as well. (It seems Cedar City can't make up it's mind whether to get cold or stay stuck in summer weather.) So in countdown today, I have only about 8 more days before I head home.

In other news, I am not sure if I will be able to do the ballroom team next year unless I come into a great deal of money, because some of the team members on the lower teams have told me that they have been practicing for 5 hours a night, and early 6 O'clock rehearsals in preparation for their showcase. That leaves no time for a job...and the cost is atrocious. But dance in general is going well for me; I feel as if I have broken past a couple of barriers this week. I'll see you all in about a week! (Boz, can we make peasant bread when we go home?)

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Oh Mr. Shining Sun, Please Shine Down On Me!

So the Indian summer has finally decided to end and we are back to the cold, nippy, winter we started a few weeks ago...And the canyon wind is back too. (I am pretty sure one of the shutters from my house has been blown off during one of the wind storms.) To the suprise of myself and everyone else, I am actually not minding the cold weather. (Until it gets dark and I have to walk home, and you feel as if you stepped into penguin land...That's a little too cold for me.) We have had one snow storm already. I went grocery shopping, and thank goodness I had dressed according to the temperature outside, because when I exited the Smiths, I stepped into a flurry of snowflakes. It's a good thing mum sent me warm clothes and a space heater...my roommate live in AZ once upon a time, and so we are both happy to have heat in our house. School is school. I have to register for next semester in a day or two, and I am offically not stoked....the last time still gives me nightmares!

As for fun, my roommate, Krysta and I have decided once a month we will go down to St. George to escape Cedar City's lameness, and bask in a few degrees higher temperature, and a little less lameness. (I thought I could possibly live in St. George until we went to the mall. We looked for a second story, or some secret corridor, before we realized it was really only four tiny hallways, and a foodcourt with 2 restuarants....I didn't know malls were allowed to be that small. I guess I have just been way too spoiled with Mesa's fine selection.) Sometime, in the nearby future though, Krysta and I are talking a weekend up to Provo and Salt Lake to go Salsa Dancing at a salsa club I am definetely excited, because I will be staying the night at Rachel Lake's hotel and spending time with her, and possibly a few other people.