Sunday, June 22, 2008

The 7 Year Project

Mom always says I start a million projects and rarely complete any of them. Definitely something I can't deny-however this one is to be a success. As the family already knows, I have been writing a silly little story for nearly 7 years now. Me and Astri used to write stories all the time together when we were wee little munchkins. (well Astri was tall and I was definitely ranked as midget status, but when we were young we wrote Ted and Ghosty stories). The difference between this story though is I plan on finishing it this summer and sending it in to get published. Even if it doesn't get published, I am still finishing it. If not; maybe my career in life will be to publish those Ted and Ghosty books for children. (Stridge, I may need to get a copy of the baby one...though we would have to do some serious editing.) I have literally revamped the plot 5-7 times and edited at least half of the manuscripts. This one is a keeper, even if it is only for posterity; I have finally (almost) got the plot sealed, have written a great deal lately and I know I am going to finish it. I'll dish out copies if it ever gets published. (cross your fingers)


Congratulations to Erik Merkley, my bro who was just accepted into the medical school at University of Utah! I am so proud! I know he is so excited, and we (family) are all excited for him! Once again congratulations Dr. Merkley!

Thursday, June 5, 2008

The Fabulous Dishware

This one isn't rotating...sorry

Okay this is it. This is the dishware you have so anxiously been waiting to see. They're ceramic (and heavy) The lighting is not great but it'll at least give you an idea. I can mix and match them, so in the end I have 3-4 different settings, and if I use all of them, I have enough for 6.

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Crazy Good Luck

So I have had the most amazing luck, but more like a personal miracle. I was having the most difficult time deciding on my housing after narrowing it down to two options. I couldn't figure out which one I should go with, because they were nearly the same, but each had amenities I really wanted. Well my Pappi felt nervous about letting me walk a mile to school, and an inadequate busing system, so he did some searching. As I was searching for college housewares (also having spectacular finds), he found the place. It's a bed and breakfast during the summer, and rents to selective students. The spot I reserved actually opened up because 2 girls renting decided to go on missions and get married. It's cheaper and larger, and a block from campus. These are the only pics I have found so far, but I will put more up when I move in.