Sunday, June 22, 2008

The 7 Year Project

Mom always says I start a million projects and rarely complete any of them. Definitely something I can't deny-however this one is to be a success. As the family already knows, I have been writing a silly little story for nearly 7 years now. Me and Astri used to write stories all the time together when we were wee little munchkins. (well Astri was tall and I was definitely ranked as midget status, but when we were young we wrote Ted and Ghosty stories). The difference between this story though is I plan on finishing it this summer and sending it in to get published. Even if it doesn't get published, I am still finishing it. If not; maybe my career in life will be to publish those Ted and Ghosty books for children. (Stridge, I may need to get a copy of the baby one...though we would have to do some serious editing.) I have literally revamped the plot 5-7 times and edited at least half of the manuscripts. This one is a keeper, even if it is only for posterity; I have finally (almost) got the plot sealed, have written a great deal lately and I know I am going to finish it. I'll dish out copies if it ever gets published. (cross your fingers)


mae said...

Way to go Becky! :)

Becky said...

Thanks Em! How did you know I was blogging girlie? (I love your icon pic by the way.) Love you!

Jon Boizelle said...

Like I said before, if you get published I'll buy a copy. Good luck kid.