Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Here At College

So I finally made it. I am at the Thunderbird school. I live in a house with 12 other girls. We are known as "The White House Girls". We all get along pretty well. My own room buddy is such a sweetheart and we get along great. I will post pic. as soon as I can figure out my camera situation.

As for school: Lots of frustration and stress. And I'm not even talking about the curriculum. I can't figure out my classes. I have had to change my schedule like 3 or 4 times already. (They are making it so hard for me to be a dance major.) But I think I have it worked out. (Still keeping my fingers crossed.)

As for friends: I made 2 good friends at orientation, one who reminds me SO much of Rachel Lake (in appearance and personality). Overall I like the town and the school. That is just a quick little update. Pictures coming soon!


Britt said...

Holy cow Beck, are you nuts... I didn't know you were living with 12 girls!!! I don't know if I could handle that! I am glad to hear that you are having fun, I just met my two roommates today and that was pretty exciting! Well, I am so glad that we have blogs to see what is new, but you should still get a Facebook! Anyway, have fun, let me know how you are and remember to keep in touch!
Love ya!

Brad's Mom said...

Hang in there Becky, you will be a pro in no time at all!!!

Becky said...

Me being nuts...not a surprise there! We all get along well, and my roommate is an absolute angel! Tell me about school for your girlie! (I just got a facebook, so I will look you up!)

Becky said...

Thanks Janet, I hope the pro status comes quickly, before I mess up too badly!