Saturday, October 25, 2008


So this is incredibly dismal...I have no way of loading pictures at my library with my current devices. So I will try to figure something out, because I have been saving drafts until I get the pictures up. Well in short news; It's been a good week. I had a very fun time in St. George with my roommate Krysta, and have been spending lots of time dancing and at the gym. The flu is going around, (crossing my fingers that I wont get violently ill.) and that is bad news. I think I will get to keep my long hair, ( ballet teacher was threatening to cut it off.) and today I have to bake 21 loaves of pumkin loaf. (I think I like it better than cake...but don't worry, I won't be eating it all; most of it will be distributed out of my house.) I will figure some way to get pictures up I promise, and I will devote time here and not just facebook. (who would have seen the day that I got a facebook?) Tatta for now!


Janet said...

Yea, your still alive!!!
Luv ya

Dave Boizelle said...

21 loaves of bread. Who are the lucky guys?

Can't wait for you to post all the drafts. What seems to be the problem in loading the pictures?

Dave Boizelle said...

Excuse me...pumkin loaf.