Saturday, May 31, 2008

Work and Starch

Yesterday I started my first day of work at Bulldog Cleaners. Mom went to go drop some off and she asked if they were hiring, and they said, "send her in." It's pretty easy, just tiring because lots of standing, and arm-work. Still waiting on a second job. (hopefully Express or Supercuts)


Lauren Merkley said...

Becky, your blog looks great! I'm so proud... Hey, as you can see by our masculine blog, Erik has figured out how to insert YouTube videos. I bet he can teach you how!

Becky said...

I struggle with several concepts still. Especially with formatting and complicated stuff, but I am not giving up! I find it fun, even though you and Eric are the only peeps who blog with me. However I would still love to learn how to download vids though. If he could help that would be fab.

Dave Boizelle said...

Hey, I blogged with you time