Wednesday, May 20, 2009

A Lot and A Lot of Catch up

So sorry for the amazing lame picture post from last time...I was essentually pressed for time, and feeling bad that I hadn't posted in forever. I didn't realize how long it had been since I had posted last either, and now I am going to pay for it. SOOOOoooo much has happened.

So first things first: School. Oh my heck! It was unbelievably busy, and stressful-Like I wanted to cry. But as stressed as I was, I finished well. The things I thought I bombed I actually didn't. I ended up with a 3.95 YAY!!!! Exciting right? Well I hardly had any academic classes, and it's pretty hard to fail your dance classes so it is really more of a joke than anything else. The unfortunate part is that due to budget cuts my scholarship got cut to a 1/4 of the original. The ironic part-my GPA is higher than the gpa that got me the original scholarship. So somehow I am going to have to come up with the extra money. We'll see how that goes.

Next: Moving out. Have I mentioned I hate this? Hate, hate, hate, double hate, LOATHE ENTIRELY!!!!! (The Grinch reference was totally for you Steph, although the sentiments are still mine). I almost cried at that part too. So besides a couple of my roommates, namely Krys who is my room roommate, they have been huge jerks, who backstab, exclude, never never clean, and have the attitude of 'holier than thou'. Essentually, me, Krys, and another one of my roommates who they literally would never talk to, had to clean the majority of the house. It was disgusting. Since the garbage cans outside were full, they just started leaving all their junk/garbage on the floor and the table,moldy food in the fridge. If the house had been inspected by officials, it probably would have been condemned. (so maybe that's a little melodramatic, but not by much). Me and krys and one other roommate were the only ones who cleaned out of 8 girls. I have been holding back on complaining about this because I was trying to be patient and what not...but that last weekend cut that resolve. I was livid.

Third: HOPE tour. (above pictures) In a word: Hysterical! My stomach was literally aching by the end of tour from laughing so hard. But maybe I was laughing so hard beacuse I was slap happy. There was like no sleep for the whole tour. We went to a bunch of seminaries mainly and performed our show for like 7 hours, literally, and then had a few more that night. It was a lot of fun. My favorite memory was when one guy changed the narration in one of our songs from 'we will now perform for you 27 of the most popular songs of the century in the next 7 1/2 thrilling minutes! Hold on tight ladies and gentlemen....' to 'we will now perform for you 247,000 songs in the next 14 hours...gentlemen bolt the doors and prepare for the megamix of the millenium!' Of course it probably isn't funny to you...but the entire song was shot after that because everyone was laughing so hard. My most favorite part was singing at the retirement homes. The spirit was always so much stronger there than anywhere else. It was truly incredible.

For the last show my dad (pappi) came up. There is this part of the show that I have to go sing to the boys in the audience, and as I am making my way back to the stage, my jazz heel gets caught on the stair and I biff it. I mean it when I say that-I took a total faceplant-right in front of Pappi. It was classic. That half of the crowd was gasping and saying 'are you okay?' Never live that one down.

As for the present my plans have changed: I am currently living on campus as a summer activities assistant, and RA. I LOVE my job!!!! It is seriously such an awesome job! I basically host and plan family reunions, youth conferences/EFYs, girls state, and camps. I absolutely love it, and might take it again next summer.
Kay, so sorry that was unbelievably long, but I just had to get it out there.

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Dave Boizelle said...

Great update. Makes me miss college and campus life ;)