Wednesday, March 7, 2012


I am always at a loss as to what to call my blog posts - frankly I think most of them should have the above title, since they are rarely focused on anything specific.

So - Here is the motley crew of pictures and stories for you.

I am starting to get into a schedule...of sorts. It is so strange not having a jam-packed-I-don't-have-time-for-hygiene schedule. It's really nice, but it's been so long, since I have had a normal schedule, that I don't know what to do with myself. So Sleep is taking over. A lot.

I've been writing my book quite a bit actually, but I am making no promises, because as soon as I do - writers block ensues. I've started doing english conversation tables, for both general students and will be starting for the dancers. I also just started teaching ballet to two of the girls in my ward. I also try to spend as much time in the gym as possible. The food is fattening, and I actually have time to devote. Plus I have to work really hard to keep up with these dancers - I'm starting to use muscles in ways I didn't think were possible.

I was given a ticket to YogiTee - a show performed by a French dance company that fuses break dancing and modern dance. If I could choose, I would like to move like this/be in a company and/or choreograph like this. It was so amazing I cried. And if you watch the preview, you'll realize it's because the technique is so fabulous, not because the story-line was heart wrenching. Although that was good too. From what I understand it was very much insect/hive roles/hierarchies. Enjoy.

Before the concert however, two of my dance friends took me out to dinner in Ximen (the most wonderful, dangerous for your wallet venue of good eats and shopping) Where they treated me to authentic Taiwanese cuisine. It was delicious and I enjoyed the evening very much.

Karyn and I also went to the Chiang Ka-Shek memorial to see her friend perform in a large military festival. It was so cold that day, and very crowded, but it was really fun, and we were able to meet more friends.

Food diary - So the motto since getting here, is just try everything. Well almost everything. I am not sure if I will ever eat blood soaked rice patties (Scratch that - I did end up trying it before I finished the post....not bad, but not something I would catch myself craving), or the chicken feet, and pig snout. but everything else - I just point at and put in my mouth and see what happens. So far the results are all positive. Like I love pig skin - but I never would have ever thought to eat that. So here you go - all the new delicious eats!

A delicious sweet bread from the 7 eleven - Taiwanese make such delicious bread.

Dongua - (I'm not sure if that is how it is spelled, but it is winter melon herbal tea with jinju(spelling?) Which is literally pearls or beads that are kind of like glutinous mochi (rice) balls that you suck up through your straw. I am an addict. I will miss this SSSSOOOOooooo bad when I go back to the states.

Mr. Donut - America has nothing on Asian donuts. It's one of my favorite treats here. These ones are made from rice so they are really chewy and doughy. At first I was like 'That is the wimpiest donut I have ever seen. Most of it's not even there! WRONG. BEST DONUTS EVER! If you ever see the sign below, you know you are at a Mr. Donut shop and you must go and eat one. You probably wont find one unless you are in Asia.

MOS BURGER. Yet another thing that I don't think we have readily in the USA. Really good, generally seafood Japanese burgers. Delicious. This one is shrimp and other stuff inside a bun made of sticky rice. How clever and oh so good.

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Dave Boizelle said...

Nice post. Blood-soaked rice doesn't sound too appetizing either. Don't eat too much Mr. Donut but just enough.