Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Uneventful Stress

So, I am sorry to confess to the readers that I have nothing amazing, humorous/embarrassing to report. Today is free pancake day at IHOP, and I am hyped. I love free food, and no cleanup. (I hate dishes with a burning passion). It has been tremendously busy, and I feel like I am getting nothing done to speak of. I have been fighting sickness, but not ever getting it full on-everyone I know is sick here. (I'm doomed!)

This week is going to be extra-ordinarily busy, and I am really wishing I had a car. I have to choreograph for HOPE, as well as put together a dance solo to Think of Me. (also for HOPE-could be really interesting.) All Fine Arts Majors are required to put in 30 service hours in production a semester. So for the next 2 and a half weeks, I will be working wardrobe for the dance concert, 4-6 hours a night. Midterms are this and next week. Krys' sister is having her baby tomorrow-YAY! My house is a disaster, and someone's going to have to clean it. I am going to have to fit work in there too. So this is going to be a really stressful week.

In other news, there is a possibility I will be coming down to Mesa for the first weekend in spring break, and then to Salt Lake for the remainder. It would be like a day and a half in Mesa, but still worth it! However, I might not be going anywhere because of the dance concert. (I don't know why the faculty decided to have a show during spring break...no one will be there to see it.) But since I am only helping with wardrobe, hopefully I'll get it off. (Cross your fingers)

For summer job? Who knows. I would really like to be an Au Pair, or a European nanny, but that is going to be difficult to work out. I have to stay in state, to get residency, and most of the jobs I'd have to be there for about a year. Don't think my professors will look too highly on me missing school, and forgetting how to dance. So we'll see what happens. At this point I think I am going to just stay in Cedar, and work two-three jobs. Yesterday, I recieved an academic scholarship, and I am very pleased, so that eases some stress a little, especially with residency.

Later on in school, I am thinking about doing study abroad. If I do, I want to go to London. That would be incredible!!! It would be cheaper to do it that way, than any other way. If not, I will have to get pretty fluent in French, pretty fast. Of course, I don't see this taking place till like the end of my degree, but still, that would be fabulous!

And lastly, I have a friend in dance who decided that for Lent, she would be giving up make-up. What a crazy girl right;)? She's totally serious too. She has to wear make-up for dance performances, but she's going to wash it off before she even goes to meet family after the show. Well yesterday was her first day, and she was asking girls to do it with her. So this morning after I got out of the shower I was about to put on make-up and then I was like...'how 'bout not'. So yes. I am going to be make-up free for the next 39 days(job interviews, modeling, and performances being the exception). I thought I looked okay this morning-Then I started dancing, and got sweaty, and red. Let's just say I have exiled myself to social Siberia...and most especially dating Siberia. Ben will be pleased. It will be a fun experience, and it will save me time, and money.


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Way to go on the scholarship!

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