Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Update of Sorts

It's been a very busy, stressful month. I had way more on my plate in high school, but I think the difference is having to make and clean up dinner, and big girl things that are a different kind of stress. I realize it's stress, but it has a different texture than the kind I am used to, so I am not sure how to react and handle it just yet. It's throwing me off.

HOPE choir is way early, and I'm not sure what I think of it yet. It's fun and the kids are crazy-go-nuts and silly. We have a couple performances this week, one which includes 'singing valentines'to staff and students all over Cedar City. Should be entertaining.

Work? Can it be called that? I seriously have the most rad jobs in the world! They pay me to read textbooks;which translates to- they are paying to educate me. And in my other jobs, they pay me to watch old movies! How cool is that? All I do is turn it on, and off, make sure the volume is good, and the that the kids don't kill eachother. That's it. I think I will keep this job for the rest of my college career.

So on the weekend I went to the insitute dance with my roommates and friends(above picture), and that was a blast. I love dancing! And this time, I didn't have to ask guys to dance! (there are only enough guys to satisfy about 1/3 of the girls, and only 1/2 actually will dance. So dumb...if you have no intention of dancing, why did you come to a dance?)
On Saturday, I went to a HOPE birhtday party, and we played games, and that was fun, but I had an embarassing experience. Ever heard of the game winkum? Well if someone asks you to play it, say NOOOOO!!!!!! It is this terrible game that everyone says is fun, and maybe it is if your a big, strong person, but for week midgets like me, it is a terrible game. It's basically trying to get away from a partner to another person. They grab/tackle/yank you back, and it's difficult to escape unscathed. (I have bruises and carpet burn all over, in places where it shouldn't be!)
So as I was trying to get away from a particularly tenacious partner, after several tries, I leapt at my next chance,and she grabbed my legs in a deathgrip! I struggled and held out my hands for the person I was running to-he tried to pull me to him, and she pulled me back harder, and all of a sudden my pants were down at my ankles. Yep, I got panced. (not sure if that's how you spell it.) They just flew off. Thank goodness I was wearing spandex underneath, though it didn't do much good. All the guys gasped and looked away, and the girl apologized profusely, and overall it was a pretty funny experience, rather comical in fact, but I will wear a belt if ever I play that heinous game again, which I think is safe to say I will not.


Brad's Mom said...

Hahahah, you are so funny. Emily and I both laughed at your dumb institute boys and especially your "panced" story. luv ya

Becky said...

I was hoping it would bring some laughter-I found it pretty funny, even if it was a little embarrassing.