Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Back to School

I got back home to Cedar about 2 weeks ago, ending a much too short Christmas break. I felt like it was only a week long! I hate how fast time flies! So a lot has happened since I got back. Besides just about keeling over with the temperature shock (sunshine to snow are quite the contrast.)and falling on the ice every chance I get, it's nice to be back. Dance is fabulous, I had a hard time adjusting at first, but with the exception of Julliard, I don't think I could have picked a better school to dance at. I am still getting a major whooping, but I love every minute of it. The dance professors have been bringing several professional choreographers and performers in for master classes which have been absolutely amazing! The most exciting part is Jody Smith from the Shapero and Smith Dance Co. is setting her inspiring dance piece 'To Have and to Hold', on the students and faculty at SUU, and let me tell you it is incredible!!! It's a world famous piece, and it is beautiful, and such an honor for the school and getting the privelage to watch the process!

So as for that heinous cold I had during the week of finals, I pretty much coughed out a couple ribs, and tore a ligament in the front of my rib cage. Only I could have accomplished such a feat. I mean come on-who does that? After the first couple days, I could hardly dance, so I went to my new chiropractor 'Dutch', and he saved me!! I can dance again!

In other news, I got two jobs which are both so convenient for me! The first, I don't start until mid-February, which is running a class once a week, showing films for a drama class, and the other which I just started a couple days ago is reading books onto tape for blind or dyslexic students. These are both perfect for me, because it means I can do it at my convenience, and I won't be walking home in the dark and getting attacked by the demon dogs! Also at a last minute request, I joined HOPE choir, which is our institutes show choir. It's going to be a lot of fun-if I can get up for it! (6:30 am! It's seems so much earlier than marching band for some reason.) I have had some fun weekends (the above picture is 'an ugly sweater party', which was way fun. I actually like this sweater. The gal on the left is my totally awesome roommate Krysta, who is really tall. As it so happens I am standing on a stool.) Life is great! I am enjoying myself, and I feel very blessed.

Love Becky


Lauren Merkley said...

That's awesome news Beck! I'm so glad that you got both of the jobs. I know that will really reduce your financial stress. Love you!

Becky said...

I know! It's fab. And guess what; I found a random $20.00 bill in that journal you gave me. By the way, that was like the best present you could have given me.

Brad's Mom said...

Yea, you posted again. Have a great semester and don't forget us friends who love to read about you! Keep posting!!!!!

Dave Boizelle said...

Sounds like life couldn't be better.