Saturday, August 8, 2009

A Little Bit of Everything

The last post wasn't an update really, so I'll do a real one today.

So work for me has been a myriad of randomness...but then again that is my job. The big project for the last couple of weeks has been decorating. I've been helping Lee(boss), and Cameron decorate the new dorms. It's been really fun, and I've got to say it...I never thought dorms were allowed to look so rad. And I'm not saying that about my decorating expertise *cough cough* (Lee and Cam are the masterminds), I just mean, these kids have got it good. I haven't been around much in the college dorm setting, so maybe I don't know what I am talking about, but I might consider being an RA in this building bc it is so nice...part of me questions that though. The whole me not liking cafeteria food, and my love of privacy may prevent me from doing so. But free housing is still really appealing. So who knows.

Today was a Saturday, and I had appointments down on the quaint Main Street, and the appoinments were like 2 hours apart, so I explored some of the shops and boutiques that I've never been in even though I've lived here for like a year.

Discovery #1- In a bookstore I discovered that Jewel (Yes the songwriter-'Intuition'), has written book of poetry called 'A Night Without Armor'. She writes lyrics, so of course this isn't too surprising, but I was actually very surprised. Most of the poems were quite good, if not phenominal (some were a wee bit wierd). I may have to purchase it at some point.

Discovery #2- Ice cream soda. WOW!!!! Krys and I always meant to get some, but never got around to it....(Krys-you have to try it!!!) Ice cream and soda? I'm not talking about root bear floats....I'm taking about chocolate ice (or some other variety) cream with (non-flavored) soda water. The girl at the counter suggested the chocolate, and I was dubious about it...but actually it was amazing. (I think I'll try this delectable treat at home sometime) - Yeah I know that you probably are snoring bc I am blogging about ice cream soda, but I've noticed that living in a small town I've start getting razzed by the littlest things.

Discovery #3- I have expensive taste. I found this furntiture and dress boutique that sells all this one-of-a -kind novelty stuff. I was quite enraptured. And also aware that I am quite broke.

I am thinking about starting to do nails. I've done pedis and manis for a long time, but I've never charged, and I've never done sets (acrylics, gels...aka fake nails). But I am going to learn and start doing it on the side. I am hoping to get certified next summer in like 2 months for uber cheap, and then I can work in a salon (legally). It all depends on work and money etc... but I really am hyped about it. For future work I am also thinking about being an EFY counselor, a Mary Kay consultant and hoping to work at some animal shelter/hospital/store.

Lastly I have found a new song. Well several actually, but this song is amazing. I am obsessed with music. I seriously always have a soundtrack running through my head all the time. (It can be quite a headache sometimes). As a dancer, there is certain music that feels like it was written for you. For me I get hooked on a song if it MOVES. I know that is really wierd, but that's the best way I can put it. The music moves; spiritually, emotionally, physically, everything. I don't mean that it 'moves you', the song all by it's lonesome moves itself, and in turn the world around it. It's almost like it's a rolling, unstoppable force, that wills you to adore it and feel like your body has no bounds becuase it is that unique and beautiful. The song that I have been absolutely amazed with is by Vienna Teng and it is called 'Harbor'. (amazing artist-highly recommend her other work as well)
I've put a link in so you can experience it yourself, and hopefully you'll get what I mean by moving. (I don't think, that was a very coherent explaination)

I hope you enjoy it!

P.S. Tor, I haven't been able to get a picture of the new hair, so I'll try and post it next time! Luv you girl!

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Dave Boizelle said...

I want one of those ice cream sodas the next time I come into town...which will be this weekend.