Monday, September 28, 2009

Panting on the Sidelines

My summer wasn't very long, and even though last year was pretty easy, I wasn't ready for this one to start. This year was the exception. I started out with 14 respectable credits...and by the end of the week I was taking 17 credits, plus 6-7 hours of dance rehearsal, snagged back into HOPE choir, and I'm working in the costume shop. It's been pretty crazy, and everday it's like...'why am I such an idiot?'

So on some days I have ballet and modern dance back to back. It's like a 4 hour cardio workout. It's been good, but super tiring. I truly have incredible professors, even if sometimes I try to find reasons to not show up to class. All I can say is if I don't lose a pant size, then there's no hope.

Overall, this year is crazy busy, and I'll be at the bar in ballet and thinking, 'This would be a lot easier if I would actually sleep.' And then I remember I don't have time for such a luxury. Although I gotta say, I have traded in the sleep for something pretty cool. I started working in the costume shop, and even though I am not designing right now, I sew, warp and manipulate fabric, and make accessories whenever they need me. It's been such a cool experience so far, and is something that I love. I will be looking into buying myself a sewing machine whenever I get the chance.

So I went to one of my best friends wedding, as her bridesmaid and it was amazing in so many ways, but I will post that later, when I get more pictures of everyone there and the actual wedding pictures and what not...but here is the lovely bride Tori: (I feel so lucky to be able to associate with someone this lovely. Inside and out.)

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