Saturday, September 18, 2010

For Lindsay Part 2 -Fall Semester

Since Lindsay told me I needed to post again here it is - This might be the only post that happens this semester. We'll see how it goes, and how much time I have.

What am I up to?

- Continuing my Dance Degree at SUU

- Working as an RA (which means I live on campus)

- Working as a student mentor

- President of the Songs of the Heart (The insitutes advanced vocal choral)

- Institute council/representative

- A member of the Orchesis Modern Dance Company (of SUU)

- Rehearsals for the student and faculty dance concert (about 17 hours a week)

-Trying to put together a video dance production in 2 weeks. (aaaaahhhh!)

It's been a lot better than I thought it would be. It's incredibly exhausting and I often sleep for obscenely long amounts on the weekends, but I am really enjoying myself. I have come to the conclusion that I have a really bad habit at overscheduling myself. Not just a little but a lot. There's just so much to do I can't help it. It's worse at a University because there are so many opportunities to get involved. I always tell myself that next semester I won't do that again - But it's very much like saying you're going to start the week.

In other news -

The Weddings:

Rachel and Jayne both got married, and I was lucky to be able to go to both. Absolutely amazing experiences. Here are a few pics from both (I was having issues with my camera at Rae's wedding so those pics are rather blurry.)

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Lindsay Boizelle said...

Aha! Finally! It's good to hear from you!