Sunday, March 6, 2011

Life in the Fast Lane

So it's been like 6 months since I last posted....let's be honest - I'm not really an avid blogger...although I love reading the blogs of others.

The title of this blog is Quest For College, which I came up with when it was the only thing I could think of. So that's the topic.

School is insane....INSANE! I didn't think it was possible to get any busier, but I've managed. For example: One of my friends posted on facebook that his day was crazy because he was going from 6am - 11pm. And in my head I was like...."Chhhh. Dude that's nothing. I'm going from 6am -2am today." And then I remembered that that is nothing to be proud of, and I'm just a moron.

So what am I doing you ask that keeps me so sleep deprived?

- Dance (secondary) Education Major.
Honestly it feels like a double major because I have to do secondary education and certify in dance education as well.

- President of Songs of the Heart Choir (replacement of HOPE)

- Member of the Institute Council

- I work as an RA

-This year I have anywhere between 10-20 hours of Dance rehearsal outside of class.

- Going to New York twice this semester for dance:
- Performing Alwin Nikolais' Imago with fellow dancers in NYC
- NCUR : My piece from the student dance concert was accepted into the National College of Undergraduate Research to be presented as a dissertation...this one is taking a lot of time.

Here are pictures of my piece - I'll post the actual video of the performance/video I made at a later date.

Next is just pictures of the dance concert from the fall and last years faculty.

And the last order of business from a ridiculously long post that probably no one read all the way through:

-I just got accepted to go dance in Taiwan for a study abroad!!!!!

No amount of exclaimation marks will account for my excitement. I get to go with one of my favorite dance friends Karyn, who I danced with (unknowingly) and shared a mutual best friend (also unknowingly) when we were like 11. Wierd right? Totally rad? Oh yes.

So that's it friends - perhaps I should title this blog Quest For Simplicity....I'll get there someday right? Life is crazy and faster than I could have ever imagined, but I am really, truly happy. I'll try to blog again in smaller increments! Loves!


Kelsie said...

Becca you are amazing girly! You can do anything and everything! Just keep your chin up, and remember: not everything has to be perfect ;) Love you!

Kelsie said...

P.s if you like reading blogs, I have one too (I don't know if you knew that) but it is on my fb page if you wanna "follow" it :)
Good luck at your last dance performance!